01. Production Management

02. Technical Management

03. Tour Management

  1. 01. Production Management

    I have had the joy of working with producers presenting shows all over Australia, Europe, South America, Broadway and Asia.

    I believe there is true value to any production in the knowledge and experience I bring with me.

  2. 02. Technical Management

    Lighting, sound, automation, mechanics, design, logistics and many more.

    I love the challenge of defining a technical strategy for any production big or small.

  3. 03. Tour Management

    Life on the road can be hard work at times, but it has huge rewards.

    I have toured theatrical productions the world over and love working on a safe and happy production.


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I am passionate about what I do, I value the enjoyment I get from my work and I enjoy the success of those that I work with. Please give me a call, email me (on the right of the page) or use the contact form below to reach me right now.

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